New Ventures


Fuel production continues to be a dynamic industry and marketplace. Complexity is increasing with the advent of new technologies. Both in the renewable and non-renewable spaces new discoveries and the volatile geopolitical  […]

Energy & Infrastructure

Energy and infrastructure projects are extremely capital-intensive and complex. To compete successfully in this field, two definite and hard-to-get components are required: positioning and scale. You have to […]

Boutique Luxury Real Estate

One of the most precious commodities in our current society is privacy. It seems like at all times we must choose between it and convenience. Moreover, high-profile individuals face even more difficult decisions, as their [...]

Ongoing Investments

U.S. Real Estate Development

As part of our efforts to diversify our portfolio and asset classes, we are now participating upscale residential real estate development in the United States. A relatively recent enterprise, Prorsus Real Estate is our US [...]

VAT Refund Leader in Mexico

As a large shareholder in Prorsus Capital in Mexico, Alma Capital has participated in the creation and successful expansion of MoneyBack into a mature service provider and absolute market leader in VAT tax refunds in [...]

Past Investments

Stadium Spectacle and Live Event Production

Also through Prorsus, Alma Capital participated in the inception, initial funding and launch of Anima Inc. Anima is a production company specializing in multidisciplinary theatrical productions and massive events. During our collaboration, Anima went [...]

Pre-IPO Investment in Facebook, Inc.

In one of our most successful operations—in participation with Prorsus Capital—Alma Capital gained access to a pre-IPO round of financing for Facebook, Inc. The window to participate in this round of financing was very [...]