If you talk to our investors, business partners and employees, there is one consistent theme: they trust us. This trust is earned not just by treating people with honesty and fairness. We earn it by being transparent, and true to our principles. This sounds easier than it is. It requires us to be honest with ourselves first, and then honest with the people we do business with. But the reward is abundant: people can rely on us. They can rely on us to truly speak our minds, and they can rely on us to do what we say we are going to do.


They say the world belongs to the brave. But courage and passion must be tempered with thoughtfulness. Our investment and management strategy reflects this philosophy. We do take bold risks, but keep an eye on the worst case scenario. It is the key trait of any successful investor to relate realistically to risk, and to manage it effectively. We do everything we can to succeed, but we prepare in case we don’t.


The human factor and its complexities is one of the greatest challenges in business. For us, it is our greatest competitive advantage. We understand people, and we work to consider and understand our partners, employees and the general public. They are, after all, the recipients of our work. Understanding and considering the human factor is a great advantage for planning, strategy, making contingencies, and generally navigating adversity. It is also key for creating businesses that move humanity forward and make profit, as opposed to making profit at all cost.