Pre-IPO private funding is not for everyone. Not only is it a high-stakes, high-risk game, but it is not open to regular investors. Even high net-worth individuals, worldwide, have a difficult time getting into pre-IPO rounds in the hottest Silicon Valley startups. Tech startup founders are not just looking for money, they’re looking for the right money.

Connections plus a track record

It goes without saying that access to the right people is key. But connections alone are never enough. It is necessary to show the clout and capacity to execute that makes an investor a worthy partner for one of the most promising tech startups of the last decade. Because if it’s past success with a pre-IPO investment on Facebook, Alma Capital was not only able to secure the investment opportunity, but to quickly execute the financing round and meet the stringent requirements to participate.

Currently Alma Capital is, with a carefully selected group of private investors, a shareholder in one of the most important and world-changing startups in Silicon Valley history. Again.